Saturday, February 20, 2016

King Spa

Place: King Spa
Location: Chicago, IL

My husband and I got a Groupon for this AWESOME place when we saw it advertised on Facebook. We'd never realized that it was less than a mile from our home, and we regret it so much! We're getting ready to move (again) in just a few weeks, so we can't take advantage of it too many more times. It's a shame because there are year-long subscriptions, and we would have jumped on that in a heartbeat.

Oh, well. Suffice to say, we LOVED this place. There are eight steam rooms, and the whole point of the place is to relax. We sat and enjoyed letting the hours slip by while breathing the warm, moist air. It worked wonders on my sore throat. I went home almost completely healed. Hooray!

The tubs (separated by gender) were very relaxing. It was a little awkward stripping down to my birthday suit with so many strangers, but I got over it pretty quickly. There were three temperatures of tubs: HOT, warm, and ICY. I jumped from one to the other in intervals and followed it up by sitting in the steam room. Then I showered and did it all over again.

Hydration-wise: There were several water fountains and water coolers. You will not dehydrate unless you don't pay attention to your body.

Food-wise, there was a Korean restaurant inside. We had delicious meals that were light but filling.

King Spa is also located in Dallas. If you're anywhere near one, GO THERE! You'll probably find a Groupon or Living Social coupon somewhere, and it's well worth the experience. Enjoy!

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