Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thoughts on Time...and God

Does anyone else feel like waiting on God to do "His thing" is like holding your breath underwater for a really long time? I am NOT a patient person, although I'm developing into one (slowly), thanks to my children. In my immediate family, my impatience is notorious to the degree that my dad would call me "Impatience Johnson." I always held to a lesson Grandma taught me: NEVER ask God to grant you patience because He will give you ample opportunities to learn it. Grandma always has been, above all things, practical and wise.

And yet as I've grown up, I've really begun to understand how time works. One second will always be just one second. One minute will always be sixty seconds, and so forth. Time is a constant. Sometimes, it's an asset, and sometimes, it's a liability.

Furthermore, I've come to a real epiphany on time: it does not work the same way for God as it does for us. Since He created it, He can bend its rules as He sees fit! Our job is simple: bring our needs to God, and He'll respond with His solution. In most of my circumstances, waiting for the solution has been much more difficult than realizing I had a need. Why? I want to do the work. I want to be the clever one who thought of a solution to her problem. Where's the glory due to God in that?

When we wait for God to act or answer our questions, sometimes it really does seem like forever. Realize this though: sometimes, He's just waiting for one of His other kids to be obedient and be the blessing we need them to be. We are just as responsible for the way we use our time as we are the way we use our bodies, money, belongings, etc. When we don't have an issue that needs heavenly intervention, we need to be most "in tune" with God to make sure we are doing everything we can to help others out. Just because we're doing well doesn't mean that our neighbors are!

I urge you (and myself) to be especially aware of all the opportunities we have to be a blessing. Sometimes, it just needs to be a smile and wave at the neighborhood kid who looks a little down after school. Other times, it'll be acting on a conviction that came as a result of prayer and communion with God.

The point is, we need to be using our time to enjoy God, as John Piper encourages us to, and to fulfill our commission of spreading the Gospel. This can be done through full-fledged, "legit" ministries, like being a full-time missionary, or by being a godly role model for our at-home family and church family. God calls us to serve exactly where we are. We don't have to be like Paul to be doing our godly job! Use your time well!

-Domestic Goddess out.

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