Friday, June 5, 2009

Sewing Class

I signed up for some escapist time in the form of a sewing class. From 6-9 pm for the next month's worth of Thursdays, I'm meeting with my inner Martha. Actually, after I figured out that basting did not involve poultry, I was pretty good to go. We made some 70s-type aprons. They're crazy looking. Instead of a skirt-like covering, this apron has pant leg coverings. They're wild. I came home and showed them to my husband, who asked me why my class taught me how to make chaps. Very feminine, flower-patterned chaps. Oh well. At least I got to choose the pattern for next week. It's a nice dress that I've chosen a green linen fabric for. Hope it turns out.

In random thoughts today, I find "savings" at stores remarkable. For example, I spent $45 at Kohl's today. According to my receipt, I saved $65. Has anyone ever actually bought anything at full price? There, at least? I can't recall ever seeing anyone picking up a full priced item in that store. In fact, it's hard to find a full priced item in Kohl's. There's about one rack of regular-priced stuff and 50 of the reduced priced stuff. Do we really save as much as we think we do? I doubt it. But still, it's smart to be as frugal as possible. Even eBay isn't as much of a deal as it used to be. Hmph.

On the happy side of today, the Dow finished higher than expected today. In fact, it was positive for the first time this year. The media will surely proclaim today as an historic day...they can all get over it. They get excited about everything. They're worse than kids...small, cranky kids who don't like being told they're wrong.

Domestic Goddess out.

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