Monday, June 8, 2009

In God We Trust

Our family went to The Journey church (NE location) in Raleigh, NC yesterday. The pastor spoke right to my husband and me with his sermon on waiting for the Lord. We are going through a time of testing, and we're getting antsy about things. We are used to evaluating problems and putting the best solutions into action ASAP. So waiting on God's timing is hard for us sometimes, especially when we're waiting for financial answers.

The pastor reminded us that our decisions have major impacts not just on us in the here and now but on everyone around us in the future. He also reminded us that God is our loving Father who has plans for us. Just because we can't see the plan doesn't mean He doesn't have one. So...we're praying harder, studying the Word a little more closely, and doing our very best to trust and obey.

My husband and I had a conversation about what hearing God is like. It's hard to distinguish between His still small voice and those sneaky solutions that we come up with that lurk in the background. It's also hard when we don't feel connected. Our minds know what's going on, but our hearts just can't get into it. Being a Christian is all about trust! Sometimes, trusting God is hard because we can't have a visible one-on-one conversation with Him and just hash out details. But that's where grace and faith come in, right? :)

Truthfully, it's been easier to trust God since I became a parent. When I think of how much I love my kids, I realize how much more God loves us. It's amazing. There's so much I would do for my kids, and yet there is so much more He would do for us! Thanks, God!

-Many thanks to the mounds of laundry to fold that gave me time to muse on this.

Domestic Goddess out.

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