Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cloth Diapering

I jumped on the cloth diapering bandwagon without doing much research about it. Four cloth diapers and a couple of wet bedtimes later, I've just learned the trick of adding an extra liner in my pocket diapers to help absorb during nap times. That's okay. I've been scouring the net for *free* cloth diaper sewing patterns, and I think I finally found one that I'm brave enough to try. Check it out on Smart Mama's "Sew Diapers" page. As soon as I finish my current sewing project (a cute, going-out type shirt), I'm going to collect diapering materials and get ready to start sewing my own cloth diapers. We shall see how this endeavor goes. The good news, in case I make a mess of this attempt, is that Smart Mama also sells her patterns on eBay and gives all proceeds to charity. Nice!

As far as cloth diapering goes right now, I can honestly say I really enjoy it. I like all things green, and I find myself being able to survive off of the last few disposable diapers we have. I'm not doing any extra washing to keep them clean and on my baby. There's no stink because I put them into the washing machine (already staged with detergent) as soon as I take them off. They wash with the regular stuff and are great.

I'll post some feedback once I get this project done. I'm becoming increasingly single-minded on this issue. Maybe I can get some nice organic cotton or bamboo fleece at the fabric store...

Domestic Goddess out.

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