Thursday, December 29, 2016

Batgirl at Super Hero High

Title: Batgirl at Super Hero High
Author: Lisa Yee
Genre: DC Comics, Super Hero, Audiobook

We listened to this book during a two-day, twelve hour road trip, and we LOVED it. The narrator did a great job keeping us (all female, ages 34, 9, 8, and 6) engaged. At certain points in the story, we paused it and discussed what was going on and what we thought would happen. 

My eldest is not good with "regular" reading, but listening to this Batgirl book really gripped her attention, and she not only retained more than normal, she also truly understood everything that was going on (unlike in "regular" books). This was definitely an eye-opening opportunity to me...I'll make sure she has access to audiobooks as well as text copies of books. Maybe that will help encourage her reading.

Back to the book: The plot moved quickly, and the audiobook was about 4.5 hours long. We mixed up the trip with "regular" reading, a movie, creative time (drawing, coloring, Play-Doh), and listening. My nine-year-old was the one who wanted to listen to the story the most. She nailed the plot and made good hypotheses about the outcome of the story. I was entertained even though I'd brought my own audiobook for listening during the trip. I saved my book for the "other" times during the driving. 

Overall, we look forward to following the Super Hero ladies through the rest of their adventures. Enjoy this title as an audiobook on your next roadtrip.

***Disclaimer: I obtained this audiobook from Blogging for Books in order to publish a review.***

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