Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Raleigh Rocks!

Raleigh is a great city. I love the museums, the parks, and the people. The kids and I went to the Museum of History yesterday for a Tot Time. Miss Two Year Old learned about Mountain Life: the people, the agriculture, and how mountains were formed. She decided she really liked sorghum molasses and wants me to plant corn. Amazing. Coming from South Texas, I'm not sure I knew what a mountain was as a two year old. Miss One Year Old spent the entire time chewing on her books. Nothing like devouring the written word! The best part was the price tag: FREE!

Just across the walkway from the Museum of History is the Museum of Natural Science. The girls love it because they can watch turtles and fish swim. I love it because it costs nothing, especially compared to the prices of aquariums nowadays. They also like the dinosaur exhibits. Why do kids like dinosaurs, anyway? They're big, intimidating looking creatures with lots of big, intimidating teeth. I remember being dinosaur crazy for years and enjoying playing with a pair of cousins who had plastic dinosaurs that went everywhere with them.

Other great things about this city are the free concerts in the shopping "villas". All summer, there were several on Thursday and Friday nights. Fabulous. The kids could run around in a relatively safe environment without really frustrating anyone while we got to listen to great music. Love it!

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